Reduce your Third-Party Risk, increase efficiency and protect your business

C2 Cyber Ltd are experts in cyber security and vendor risk management. Using our COBRA Platform will help you manage your threat landscape and improve your vendors’ security. 

We also offer consultancy services to help your business with risk assessments, policies, Open-Source Intelligence and other challenges.  Save money and time with our fully managed service.

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Vendor Risk Management Approach
What is the C2 Cyber approach to Vendor Risk Management?
Cobra Vendor Risk Management Platform
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Choose the right vendors...

A seamless, digitised experience that allows a customer to move across different channels with a consistent experience requires in depth knowledge of your customers needs, intents and preferences. But it also requires your suppliers to be able to be as secure as you are.

Anonymous (Client)

Focus on your vendors strengths..

The C2 team have simplified the process of our vendor risk management, whilst increasing the responsiveness and accuracy of our programme. Their Cobra service supports the business sponsors, procurement and legal teams as well as the vendors themselves and assures our information is secure. With their collaborative approach it’s felt like we’ve had a partner standing with us shoulder to shoulder, making the integration of their managed service a positive experience across the business. Keep up the good work C2 Cyber!

Matt (Client CISO)

Feel confident in your vendors...

Cyber security and risk must be balanced. Vendor assessment should be consistent to prioritise resources, but risk must also be able to be interpreted as widely as possible to produce actionable conclusions. It is complex and cannot be distilled into a simple formula.

Anonymous (Client)

A total Information Risk approach...

The full End to End Solution:

  • Strategic consultancy to set the agenda
  • Efficient vendor onboarding to identify inherent risks
  • Intelligent analysis influenced by psychology to assess residual risk
  • Continuous open source intelligence analytics to monitor risk change
  • Proactive, measured risk resolution to reduce exposure
  • Ongoing programme management to completion
  • Rich reports and MI to understand strategic risk within supply chain
Risk Management on COBRA

... to deliver the business benefits you need

Are you focusing on the risks that matter?

Our automated approach immediately shows where risk is concentrated.

You then decide where efforts will deliver the greatest effect.

Do you really know your vendors?

Our action management system converts recommendations into actions on vendors. 

The burden on vendors matches the risk that they pose.

Can you easily get at their information?

You have access to all the evidence on every vendor to decide what needs to change to mitigate risk.

Everything is retained as evidence of what has been done.

Can you really mitigate the risks?

Our expert security analysts apply experience and judgement to improve risk.

We directly help vendors to improve their security.