Suspected Cyber Incident or Data Breach?

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We operate to solve human problems in a cyber connected network.
We do this by underpinning human cyber solutions with innovative technology.
We are a cyber security firm who strive to build long term, meaningful relationships.

Protecting What Matters

Our products have been developed in response to shared problems that we have solved with our clients.

Advisory Information Assurance

Standards led strategic information assurance advice and class leading products delivered alongside client teams.

Vulnerability Analysis

Deployment of industry standard vulnerability tools and techniques to quickly and comprehensively identify priority risks for remediation.

Secure Communications Service

Delivery and integration of UK government assured secure communications products and services to protect your most sensitive information. Full C2 Cyber service wraps are available.

Managed Secure Infrastructure

Design and delivery of corporate infrastructure with security of information as a key design criteria. Full C2 Cyber service wraps are available.

Physical Security and Counter Surveillance

Rapid deployment technical and human factor security advice and remediation services. HNW aware and discreet team able to deploy full suite of countermeasures in the physical, technical and cyber domains.

GDPR Compliance & Risk Management

Development of GDPR compliant policy and procedure to navigate our client teams through to assurance.

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Why C2 Cyber?

Our Solutions

Our products are used throughout military, government and private sector clients to help them implement solutions that solve complex cyber security problems.


Assess your business to understand the real risk. Locate pinch points and third party risk that could destabilise your organisation.


Develop strategic programmes of work that act on the identification of total risk and not just technology in isolation.


Build monitoring and compliance that informs your organisation and gives you actionable data not white noise.

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Locate and stop data breach. Coordinate incident response and forensically analyse your organisation to control and limit the fallout.


Help your organisation build a clear roadmap of deliverables to take you back from incident to business as usual.


Deliver organisationally tiered training and awareness from the board to your subject matter experts. Test the cultural awareness and demonstrate risk reducing outcomes.

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If you think you haven't been attacked, you're not looking hard enough.

Our Team

We bring together a wealth of experience from the military, defence and intelligence domains to field a team of leaders in the industry. Our combined experience over a broad range of government and commercial projects allows us to find innovative and cost effective solutions to your problems.

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