Data exploitation and theft is everywhere. It shouldn’t be, it doesn’t need to be.

We believe that human beings are the most important part of the equation to secure information against theft. It's humans who can implement the protection that organisations and their customers deserve.

As a leading cyber and information security business with a background in both national security and commercial work, C2 Cyber advises corporates, SMEs and the public sector on the information assurance policies, processes, governance and strategy they need to thrive in a connected world.




Our services have been developed in response to shared problems that we have solved with our clients.

Information Assurance and Compliance

Standards-led benchmarking and remediation planning for organisations’ people, processes and technology. GDPR regulation readiness.

Supply Chain Assurance

Structured assessment, analysis and recommendations reports for organisations and their suppliers to be compliant with the ISO 27000 framework

Security Maturity Assessment

Bringing decades of national and corporate security experience to asset discovery, threat profiling, vulnerability analysis and controls assessment. Provision of recommendations, security improvement roadmap and alignment with industry best practice.

Data Protection as a Service

Act as outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO), providing an understanding of the data you need, how to handle it and how to deal with breaches. Review, implementation and maintenance of policies, with documented roles and responsibilities. Data request response mechanisms and staff awareness and training.

Why C2 Cyber?

Information Assurance and Compliance

We can help you look at your current information assurance situation, processes and controls and advise on improvements and compliance.


• Risk assessment

• Do you know where your data goes?

• Data security policies and procedures

• People roles and responsibilities

• Awareness and training

• Compliance to ISO 27000 standards


With the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that sets guidelines for data protection across the EU, click here to see how we can help, click here to see how we can help.


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Supply Chain Assurance

You may have looked at your own organisation carefully, but it’s important to make sure there isn’t a weakness in your supply chain. Forthcoming GDPR regulations will include your partners and suppliers, so best to be sure.


• Do you know who is in your end-to-end supply chain?

• Do you know how they use or send your data?

• Supplier questionnaires and assessments

• Risk assessment

• Recommendations reports

• Remediation plans


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Data Protection as a Service

Want to focus on your business rather than on data protection policies and procedures? We can take the pain out of information security and assurance and help by acting as your outsourced Data Protection Officer.


We offer:

• Data security breach policies and procedures

• Roles and responsibilities framework

• Legal use of data assessment – what do you really need?

• Policy transparency and communication

• Individual data request process and compliance monitoring

• Understanding your obligations if you are a supplier organisation

• Explaining any cross-border or international data transfers

• Awareness and training


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Why C2 Cyber?

Security Maturity Assessment


With a background in national and corporate information security, we are well-placed to help corporates and governments with asset discovery, threat profiling and vulnerability analysis.


• DDoS protection and control

• Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)

• File integrity management systems

• Application whitelisting

• Vulnerability and patch management tools

• Security event monitoring

• Network controls and firewalls

• Data leakage prevention

• Malware defences

• Endpoint protection solutions

• Authentication and access control systems


We provide a roadmap for security improvement and alignment with industry good practices.


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Our Team

We bring together a wealth of experience from the military, defence and intelligence domains to field a team of leaders in the industry. Our combined experience over a broad range of public sector and commercial projects allows us to find innovative and cost effective solutions to your problems.


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Why C2 Cyber?

Data Protection As a Service

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Beta Release of Data Protection As A Service


This service can include the following:


• An easily accessible platform to understand your data protection maturity, manage Subject Access Requests and your own data inventory

• Site Assessment done by a real person (both web and physical)

• Security Maturity Assessment, both physical and IT

• Data Protection work flow management and world class knowledge base at your fingertips

• Policy Advisory, helping you build practice governance structures and ensuring you stay legal as a data controller.








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