Here are some case studies and white papers for downloading...

C2 Cyber Ltd - Financial Services Case Study

C2 Cyber helped multiple stakeholders to gain a common understanding of the likely roadmap for continuous improvement to the security architecture over the coming years, thus reducing the risk that future investments will be disproportionately influenced.

C2 Cyber Ltd - Retail Case Study

Cyber security and risk must be balanced. Supplier assessment should be consistent to prioritise resources, but risk must also be able to be interpreted as widely as possible to produce actionable conclusions. It is complex and cannot be distilled into a simple formula.

C2 Cyber Ltd - Luxury Goods Case Study

The customer lacked data and security awareness and its creative culture meant that internal change would be hard and costly. C2’s software driven solution enabled effective vendor contact without disruption.

COBRA Supply Chain Risk Management

COBRA Service Sheet. 
Our Solution to Vendor Risk Management

Security Operations Excellence (Sec ops)

Security Operations Excellence

Vendor risk management and digital transformation

Digitisation is transforming third party risk

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