Operating as a flexible, nimble and agile retailer isn’t easy…

and encouraging your supply chain to respond to the challenges while maintaining security is even harder. The requirement for a frictionless, personalised customer experience that hits the right balance of privacy between creepy and cool demands as seamless a relationship with your suppliers as with your customers. And achieving that means getting the security challenges out of the way first so you can get on with building relationships.


A seamless, digitised experience that allows a customer to move across different channels with a consistent experience requires in depth knowledge of your customers needs, intents and preferences. But it also requires your suppliers to be able to be as secure as you are.


Customers’ have increasingly liquid demands and expectations in a world where almost everything is digitized. For you to connect with them in a way that is relevant and tailored to wherever they are and whatever they are doing requires you to instil a similar level of flexibility within your supply chain.


This is about striking the right balance in the customer relationship to create trust, engagement, affinity, desire and delight…. different customers draw the line in different ways. Retailers must be able to adapt their approach to address the privacy needs of each individual customer and flow through the whole supply chain.


Retail supply comprises a complex, fast changing web of numerous bespoke elements. Suppliers ranging from FTSE 100 global enterprises to sole-trader specialists that supply products to multiple outlets pose unique security challenges. High value products focus high levels of risk on suppliers who are more concerned with creativity than security. 


The vast amount of personal data associated with retail data subjects and you have a heady mix that can easily produce a supply chain transformation of relationship-breaking proportions.

See how C2 has helped retailers manage these challenges

C2 Cyber Ltd - Retail Case Study

Cyber security and risk must be balanced. Supplier assessment should be consistent to prioritise resources, but risk must also be able to be interpreted as widely as possible to produce actionable conclusions. It is complex and cannot be distilled into a simple formula.

C2 Cyber Ltd - Luxury Goods Case Study

C2 Cyber helped multiple stakeholders to gain a common understanding of the likely roadmap for continuous improvement to the security architecture over the coming
years, thus reducing the risk that future investments will be disproportionately influenced.

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