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August 19, 2020

What is incident response (IR)? For any organisationthe threat of attack or breach is an exponentially growing risk that faces SME organisations all the way up to enterprise level. Each company has different incidents that could have a big impact to the core operational infrastructure. Having a clear-cut incident response process cannot guarantee that no incidents will occur, but preventative measures can be put in place so that if one does, they can be managed quickly and effectively (with little or no impact to the business). 

In a survey carried out by N TT59% of respondents said they do not have an effective companywide cyber security incident response plan (CSIRP)should there be a major incident, they are not confident to get back to a business as usual operation after the first 24 hours, 25% of CSIRP are not applied consistently throughout the organisation. Other respondents have mixed priorities with some companies saying identifying the issue is the top priority and others saying mitigating the threat takes precedent  

More than half of organisations with incident response plans fail to test them, keep them up to date and keep them aligned to data privacy laws (i.e. Not being GDPR compliant). This can cause major financial and reputational implications both internally and externally should there be a data breach! 

Making the first steps to securing your business

  • Understand the type data you have, and which laws and regulations your data must be complaint with 
  • Understanding of the threat landscape of your business. What is the nature of your threats affecting your organisation? Which vulnerability is more likely to be exploited?  
  • Defining workflows and processes that contribute to the overall Incident Management framework 

There are too many things within an organisations that can go wrong, whether it is human error that exposes the business to a vulnerability, a data breach or technical malfunction. You cannot assume that it will not have implications on the wider business, that is why it is so important to constantly assess what might go wrong, and if something does go wrong, how can it be dealt with in a time efficient and effective manner 

6 Step process to securing your business

  • Prepare – To ensure policies are updated incident response processes are documented and up today. 
  • Identify  To identify and gather information related to the incident. 
  • Contain – Isolating the threat in order to minimize the potential damage. 
  • Remediate – Repairing any damage, mitigating the exploited vulnerabilities. 
  • Recover – Putting systems back into normal business operation 
  • Lessons Learned – Understanding what went wrong, completing a root cause analysis and forming a ‘playbook’ for future incidents of a similar nature.  

After an incident takes place, as part of your incident response process, any new information that is gathered about the nature of the threat can be documented, reviewed and formed into a ’Playbooktherefore, within the Incident response process, there will be sub processes to handle different types of events. This means when an incident hits an organisation, process can be followed so that the incident can be addressed before it affects anyone in the business and can be cut at the source. 


The data of your company is one of the most valuable assets, having a well-documented and thorough Incident Response plan in place for your business is paramount for the protection of this. Our team at C2 Cyber can offer “Incident Response as a Service” for your company, providing the technical skills and expertise to produce a framework that will conform to your business objectives whilst remaining complaint with data protection laws. 

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Saif Nasiri

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