Meet the C2 Team; the people behind the computers, in the data and on top of the risks!

Jonathan Wood C2 Cyber Ltd

Jonathan Wood is the CEO and founder of C2 Cyber Ltd. His mission is to make it simpler and safer for businesses to function and thrive in the digital economy. As CEO, his aim is to build and enthuse a team with the skills and ethos needed to protect our clients. Bringing a wealth of different experiences to the C2 team, he is convinced that to succeed online even small organisations need to protect their data and use robust governance to achieve it.

He’s a Chartered Engineer, Sailor, husband and dad to two young children. Passionate about the environment, cooking and getting the kids off the sofa and outside the house.

Jonathan Wood - CEO

Tom Burton C2 Cyber Ltd

Tom Burton is the COO and CTO of C2 Cyber Ltd. His mission is to help us deliver exceptional services to our customers that enable them to focus on their business opportunities, confident that their risk is well understood and managed. His aim is to use technology, analytics and automation to enable our team to apply all of their intellect and expertise to solve the most challenging problems. He is convinced that technology should enable and empower people to exceed their own expectations, and not be seen as a threat.

When not building things in the virtual world, Tom enjoys creating them in the real world, whether that is cooking or building things around the house with his family. He also enthused his son into sailing in order to have an excuse to get away on the water with him at the weekend.

Tom Burton - COO & CTO

Ben Felton C2 Cyber Ltd

Ben Felton joined the board of C2 Cyber Ltd as a NED in 2018. He is currently CFO of an international technology recruitment and talent advisory group and has previously held other CFO roles across publicly listed staffing businesses.

Ben is a Chartered Accountant with a degree in Engineering. His passions include sport, family and travel.

Ben Felton - CFO

Bill Holford C2 Cyber Ltd

Bill is the CRO of C2 Cyber. He has spent the last 25 years growing businesses and gaining experience in all facets of business transformation, strategic planning and sales, solution selling and managed services within customer centric environments. He believes in using technology to counter the ever increasing complexity of life. Bill’s role is to grow the business organically through sales & marketing.

Bill spends most of his spare time with his wife and family of five children. He makes a mean curry and loves nothing more than watching his sons play rugby.

Bill Holford - Chief Revenue Officer 

Ehsan Darbani C2 Cyber Ltd

Ehsan Darbani - Lead Security Analyst

Vicky Griva C2 Cyber Ltd

Vicky Griva - Programme Consultant

Maximilien Legros C2 Cyber Ltd

Maximilien Legros - Marketing Manager

Evie Kupryjaniuk C2 Cyber

Evie Kupryjaniuk - InfoSec Consultant

Joel Radiven C2 Cyber Ltd

Joel Radiven - Lead Security Architect

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